When it comes to fishing for rainbow trout everyone is looking for tips and tricks to experience more success, right? Well in this article I will provide you with exactly that, some tips and tricks that will help you experience more success the next time that you head out in search of our multi-colored friends. I have been fishing for these beautiful fish for more than two decades and in that time have learned a lot of things that have enabled me to experience a ton of success.

As you read this article you will learn some of the tips and tricks that have helped me catch more than 25 trophy rainbows (which to me means a rainbow trout that exceeds the twenty inch mark) from small to medium sized rivers while I was wading and using ultra light fishing gear. Some trout fishermen may not consider trout of this size to be trophies, but for the size rivers and size gear that I am referring to, I assure you they are.

In any case the first of the tips I have is exactly what was just mentioned. Ultra light fishing gear and very light fishing line (I prefer four pound test monofilament) are a must when fishing for rainbow trout. Why is this? Mainly because an ultra light rod and reel are designed specifically for using very light fishing line and light fishing line is a must when fishing for these fish in my opinion. The lighter the fishing line that you use, the less visible it is to the trout that you are attempting to catch, and thus the more bites you will receive. Fishing lures

Next is the fact that live bait is an extremely effective bait choice when it comes to rainbow trout fishing and the way in which you present your live bait to the rainbow trout that you are attempting to catch is vitally important as well. Your bait needs to be presented in the most natural way possible. In other words you want your bait to look like the particular bait that you are using does in nature, rather than like something that has simply been impaled onto a fishing hook. The more natural that your bait appears to the rainbows that you are attempting to catch, the more bites that you will receive.

The next trick is to make sure that you eliminate any unnatural scents that might be on your hands, because these “human scents” will transfer to your bait or lure and cost you bites from wary rainbow trout. I learned this trick first hand, as many years ago I used to enjoy chocking down “heaters” every few hours. When fishing one day I realized that the scents (many people would say stink) that were left on my hands after smoking were readily apparent. I then began to test this theory by counting the number of bites I received after smoking as opposed to when I hadn’t smoked and the results were enough to make me always clean my hands after smoking, right up until the point that I “got smart” and just quit smoking altogether. The bottom line is that I learned that I got three times fewer bites when these unnatural scents were on my hands.

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