Are you ready to stop smoking? Help is available to you that can make quitting smoking much easier than you thought possible. If you have tried unsuccessfully to stop smoking numerous times, or even if this is your first attempt there are now smoking cessation methods you can use that can make your next quit smoking attempt successful.

Most smoking cessation aids focus on the physical addiction to nicotine. There main goal is to help relieve the symptoms of withdrawal from nicotine. Most common amongst these are NRTs (Nicotine replacement therapies) and medications. These quit smoking aids do help many smokers to quit smoking but their success rates are still relatively low. cbd fruchtgummi

Why is this? Smoking is actually a dual addiction. It is comprised not only of the physical addiction to nicotine but it also has a psychological component; the mental addiction to smoking. The mental addiction is actually far more powerful than the physical addiction to nicotine. Smoking becomes a habit, a crutch, if you will, that gets deeply seated in the mind of a smoker.

So even if someone manages to stop smoking by using a method to help overcome the physical addiction the results may not be permanent, or they may never be completely comfortable as a non-smoker. That is because they still THINK about smoking all the time and still FEEL like smoking.

The good news is that there is another smoking cessation method that focuses specifically on removing the mental cravings to smoke. This method is hypnotherapy and it has proven over time to be a very successful way to quit smoking. But even hypnotherapy isn’t always successful, and people may be too skeptical to allow a stranger to put them in a “trance.”

The shortcomings of traditional hypnotherapy have been overcome by an exciting new form of hypnotherapy known as NLP. NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming and it is a more powerful form of hypnotherapy that has proven to be extremely effective technique for people searching for some stop smoking help.

NLP takes advantage of modern technology to take hypnotherapy out of the therapist’s office and into your own home. With NLP all you have to do is listen to an audio recording to gain benefits similar to, but much more effective, than conventional hypnotherapy.

Listening to an NLP based smoking cessation recording puts the smoker into a very relaxed state that is very pleasant. Once in this state the recording targets and removes the cravings to smoke from the subconscious mind. It really could not be easier to quit smoking than with NLP.  Once the cravings to smoke are gone then it is easy to stop smoking. Help of this kind is only available with a smoking cessation technique that addresses the mental addiction to smoking rather than the physical addiction.

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